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Choosing a secure password

Choosing secure passwords for your hosting, billing and email accounts is critical.

Why?  Because there are an endless number of hacker bots (software programs) on the web which run constantly with their sole mission being to guess your password.  They crawl the web, find stuff, then guess the logins.  They are programmed to guess the most obvious stuff first.  Every server on the internet it getting slammed every second of every day but hack attempts from these hacker bots.  Literally, every second.  For this reason, password choices must be passwords that are not guessable.
Use passwords that are easy for you to remember, but hard for others to figure out.
For example, let's say your birth year is 1980.  And you grew up on Clover Street.
You could make a password of 19Clov80er and this is entirely easy for you to remember, but should be quite safe from hacking because there's nobody else who this makes any sense to..
If you instead chose Clover1980, although not horrible, that password is guessable and so you put yourself at great risk to having your password hacked.

Adding a special character somewhere in your password will make it even stronger.  For example. an exclamation point.  Thus you could strengthen our example as follows:


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