What are the settings I need to use my email with Outlook or other software and devices?

Our email system supports standard POP3 and IMAP.  Basically, that means that it will work with just about any email software, such as Outlook - or with any device, such as iPhone/iPad or Android.

What's the difference between POP3 and IMAP?  Well, IMAP keeps everything in sync between your device and what's on the server, so it is a little slower than POP3.  POP3 downloads new messages to you when you check for them and uploads outgoing messages when you send mail.  It does not otherwise syncrhonize your local mail folders with what is on the server.

The settings you need to use for either POP3 or IMAP are exactly the same, and very simple -

Username - this is just your email address, such as my@emailaddress.com

Password - this is just your email password

Incoming mail server - in our example of my@emailaddress.com, your mail server would simply be mail.emailaddress.com

Outgoing mail server - this is exactly the same as the incoming mail server

The outgoing (SMTP) email port you should use is Port 26 instead of Port 25.  This is because many ISPs block Port 25.  Using Port 26 will usually save you from running into problems sending email.  If you can send email without any problems on Port 25, you are of course free to use that default setting if you wish.

Additional settings -

Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication - make sure this is checked or set to "yes" for the outgoing mail server - this just means that you have to be logged in to our server to send mail

Incoming Mail - Secure Password Authentication is NOT used (leave unchecked)

That's it - you should be all set!  If you run into any issues, please email us at support@datah.com

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