How to retrieve or reset your cPanel and/or ftp password


If you have forgotten your cpanel/ftp login, you can obtain both your username and password from the billing/support system at  You can also change your password there if you'd like.

Simply follow the below steps -

1. Go to

2. Click the "login" link and login to your billing / support account

3. Select My Services from the Services drop-down menu

4. Find the hosting package you need to view or change your password for

5. Click on View Details for that package

6. On the next screen, select the Change Password tab and you will be able to see your username and update your password - please make sure to choose a strong password

If your password was last changed directly in cpanel, the password shown will not be up-to-date, so simply change it and everything will be in sync.

Keep in mind that complex passwords are required, so your password will only be changed successfully if it meets certain criteria - otherwise it will display "Password Change Failed" - in which case, simply try a more complex password until it is accepted.


Please note that usernames cannot be changed.

Also note that this does not change your email passwords.  Email account passwords would need to be managed from inside cpanel.


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